Unidade IV
Nesta unidade, são fabricados os copos transparentes rígidos destacados no mercado pela sua higiene, resistência e transparência, que podem receber as mais diversas estampas, incluindo fotos e seleção de cores. Além dos copos transparentes são fabricados na unidade IV os copos em PP lisos e impressos e a linha de potes atacado.

High-Quality Cups

Available in 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500 ml sizes, the High-Quality Cups are made of Crystal Polystyrene by means of the thermoforming process, creating style, quality, strength and transparency for your clients. Always manufactured according to the highest degree of quality so as to serve a demanding market that strives to provide a distinguishing standard to its event and customer. 

Printed High-Quality Cups

All High-Quality Series cups may be printed in up to 8 colors as well as CMYK printing. European printing technology combined with the quality of Plaszom Cups result in a high-quality product with a great look for the application of your brand.

PP Cups

Available in 330, 440 and 550 ml sizes, Plaszom PP Cups are multi-purpose products, and may be used specially in food courts and fast-food restaurants. Our cups are truly manufactured according to ABNT standards, thus following a standard of respect for our consumers, who is really purchasing a high-quality product. 

Printed PP Cups

All PP Series Cups may be printed by several methods. Capacity for up to 8 colors. The high investment in technology provides to our customers the best printing quality in the market, combined with the high quality and transparency of Plaszom PP Cups. 

Containers - Wholesale Series Kits

Plaszom also seeks to serve the Package Distribution sector. For this sector, we offer a series with a wide range of container sizes and the flexibility of selecting lid or outer cap enclosing (the latter allows customer to use an aluminum seal). Moreover, our wholesale containers are manufactured following an excellent transparency standard so as to highlight the filled product, as they are mostly designated to manufacturers whose products require an enhanced highlight. These products are packaged in kits (containers and lids in the same package), inside bags ensuring convenience to you when trading and to your customers when buying. Our quality is unique, thus evidencing the respect we have for our direct and indirect customers across Brazil. To ensure more convenience, we have our own truck fleet that guarantees timely delivery, and the hygiene and quality that your product need until arriving at your company.