1. Who are we?

We are PLASZOM ZOMER INDÚSTRIA DE PLÁSTICOS LTDA, a legal entity governed by private law, registered under CNPJ No. 85.285.963/0001-31, headquartered at Rodovia SC 108, km 333.7, no. 4.205, Samuel Sandrini, CEP 88.870-000, city of Orleans/SC, hereinafter referred to as "PLASZOM", which understands as extremely relevant the electronic records and personal data left by you ("Subject") with the access and use of the websites and services provided by PLASZOM, with this Privacy and Data Protection Policy ("Privacy Policy") serving to regulate, in a simple, transparent and objective way, how your personal data may be collected, used and protected.

In this document we present what data we collect when you access our landing page, we talk about sharing data, how long we use it and how you can request the removal and change of your information.

When you access our landing page and/or use its services, we understand that there is agreement from the "Subject" in the way we process your personal data, which follow the Data Protection rules established by Federal Law No. 13.709/2018.

2. What is the LGPD?

The LGPD is the GENERAL LAW FOR THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA addressed by Federal Law No. 13.709/2018, which provides for the processing of personal data in physical and digital media and regulates personal data processing activities.

3. What data do we collect about you, how do we collect and for what purpose?

Our website collects the personal data entered or actively forwarded by the "Subject", such as: full name (company or individual), CNPJ/CPF, email, location (CEP, address), phone number, resume, message when filling out the contact form completed by the "Subject".

The data is collected so that we can contact you to talk about the services and products provided by "PLASZOM". The data collected may also be used in our future campaigns, such as sending informative email marketing, sending promotions, discount coupons, etc.

Data automatically collected. A series of information is also collected automatically, such as: characteristics of the access device, the browser, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information on clicks, pages accessed, search terms entered in our portals, among others. For such collection, standard technologies are used, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which are used for the purpose of improving the browsing experience of the "Subject" in the services, according to their habits and preferences.

It is possible to disable the automatic collection of information through some technologies, such as cookies and caches, through the settings of your internet browser. However, the Subject must be aware that, if these technologies are disabled, some features offered by the website that depend on the processing of said data may not work correctly.

4. Who do we share your data with?

Please be advised that your data, if necessary, will be shared with our business partners in order to formalize a partnership with us.

Other situations that may be necessary to share your information: acquisition and incorporation of our company; protection of our rights in any type of conflict, including judicial content, legal determination, request, request or court order, with competent judicial, administrative or governmental authorities; cases of corporate movements, such as mergers.

5. How long do we use your data?

Even after the first contact, we use your information for marketing purposes. Then, your data will remain active with us, until you ask us to remove it.

6. Removal or change of your data.

The personal data is yours and you have the full right to request the removal or change in our base at any time. To make this request, send us an email ([email protected]) and within 48 hours we will contact you to confirm that the data has been removed.

To ensure authenticity, we may be able to request documents or other means of proof of your identity.

7. What do we do to keep your data secure?

Although we adopt secure practices for the security of your data, we inform you that no virtual page is 100% safe. For this reason, it is possible that, despite all our precautions, problems may occur. Thus, we inform you that we have adopted the following measures:

Protection against unauthorized access to its systems;

Restricted access of specific persons to the place where the personal information is stored; and

Guaranteeing that internal employees or external partners who carry out the processing of personal data must undertake to maintain the absolute confidentiality of the information, adopting the best practices for handling this data, as determined in the corporate policies and procedures.

In addition to the technical efforts, “PLASZOM” adopts institutional measures aimed at the protection of personal data, meaning that it maintains a privacy governance program applied to its activities, constantly updated and managed by the Personal Data Protection Officer.

Although "PLASZOM" adopts the best efforts to preserve the privacy and protect the personal data of the Subjects, no transmission of information is totally secure, being always susceptible to the occurrence of technical failures, viruses or similar actions.

De qualquer forma, na remota hipótese de incidência de episódios desta natureza, a “PLASZOM” garante o pleno esforço para remediar as consequências do evento, sempre garantindo a devida transparência a você. Em caso de problemas de segurança, que possam gerar riscos ou danos para você ou qualquer um de nossos usuários/clientes, comunicaremos aos afetados sobre o ocorrido

8. Use of Cookies.

When you visit a web page, Cookies, which are small text files inserted on your computer, collect data to make your experience more efficient during the browsing period.

We use Google Analytics and Google Fonts which, respectively, collect primary data related to the device and browser, IP address, and site/app activities to obtain statistics about users' behavior and Google's free fonts.

We use cookies in the development of our landing page and, by accessing it, you are automatically agreeing to the use of Cookies on your device.

But you can, at any time, change the permissions, block or refuse Cookies. It is important that you are aware that these new settings may affect the perfect functioning of some items on our landing page.

9. Privacy Policy Changes.

As our "Privacy Policy" may change at any time, we ask that you, whenever possible, review this page and understand the possible new terms.

Em contrapartida, nos comprometemos a avisar nossos visitantes de alguma forma, como: notificação na landing page, via e-mail (se você já estiver em nossa base de dados), via postagem em nossas redes sociais ou de outra maneira que acreditamos ser melhor.

We understand that your continued use of our services, after the publication of a new Privacy Policy, indicates that you accept the possible new terms.

Date of last update: 11/26/2021

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