Produces plastic coils and packaging made from PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), PET (polyester), MOPE (mono-oriented polyethylene), and Cellulosic Substrate (paper) materials. Accepts flexographic printing up to 8 colors and rotogravure printing up to 9 colors with the possibility of reverse color registration.

Sustainable Packaging

Monomaterial High Barrier Packaging and Films - 100% Recyclable

High Barrier Monomaterial Packaging and Films - 100% Recyclable ST only-one packaging and films are made of a single laminated polymeric chain structure with high barrier properties, preserving the specific characteristics of the food. They are printed, sealable, impact-resistant, tear-resistant, and can be fully recycled. These sustainable solutions are developed using innovative technologies that provide quality and a circular cycle, adding value to packaged products and their brands.

Paper Packaging with Functional Barriers – 100% Recyclable

ST paper packaging is a sustainable alternative for packaging powdered products, flakes, bars, personal hygiene, cleaning, and stationery items. They have functional barriers against oxygen, fats, and moisture, do not require lamination, and are sealable and resistant.


Technical Films

Produced using the best resins in the market, Plaszom's coextruded and monolayer technical films ensure exceptional performance and high productivity for your equipment. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the latest generation of monolayer and coextrusion extruders, guaranteeing the consistency and quality of customer specifications. Through our laboratory and technical team, we can also develop new coextruded or monolayer structures that meet the specific needs of each product or customer

Laminated Films

Plaszom produces laminated packaging with strict quality control using high-tech equipment to meet market demands. The lamination technology used employs solventless adhesives, free of residual odors, and is particularly suitable for food packaging production.

Preformed Packaging

We produce packaging for various applications in the market, which can have various technical or visual characteristics. Differentiation in some segments is achieved through the application of holes, handles, adhesive flaps, bellows, perforations, and degassing valves.


Preformed Packaging

Technical films for automatic and shrink packaging, 3 and 5-layer coextruded films, monolayer films, and/or high-performance laminates. Preformed packaging for conventional packaging and automatic systems (wicketers and films).



Plaszom offers diverse packaging solutions for the animal nutrition market, ensuring the properties, nutrients, color, flavor, and crunchiness of the products.



Diversified packaging for conventional packaging and films for automatic packaging, monolayer, and laminates. We also produce Stand Up Pouch preforms for packaging tomato-based products, mayonnaise, ready-made mixes, rice crackers, and more.

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