It produces coils and plastic packaging, benefiting from PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) and PET (polyester) materials. It accepts printing in flexography up to 8 colors and rotogravure in up to 9 colors with the possibility of a reverse color.


Technical Films

Produced from the best resins on the market, Plaszom's coextruded and single layer technical films are the guarantee of a differentiated performance and high productivity of your equipment. We have a manufacturing park with single layer extruders and state-of-the-art co-extruders, which ensure the constancy and quality of the specifications requested by customers. Through our laboratory and technical staff, we can also develop new coextruded or single layer structures that meet the specific needs of each product or customer.

Laminated Films

Plaszom produces laminated packaging based on strict quality control with high-tech equipment meeting market requirements. The lamination technology used uses solvent less adhesives, free of residual odors, being indicated mainly for the production of food packaging.

Preformed Packaging

We produce packaging for various applications in the market, which can contain various characteristics, whether technical or visual. Differentiation in some segments because they have the application of holes, handles, adhesive flap, accordions, picots and degassing valves.


Preformed Packaging

Films for automatic and heat shrink packaging, coextruded of 3 and 5 layers, single layer and/or laminates of high performance and yield. Pre-formed for conventional packaging and automatic systems (wicketer and films).



To serve this market, Plaszom has diversified solutions in packaging that guarantee the properties, nutrients, color, flavor and crispness for the products.



Diversified packaging for conventional packaging and films for automatic packaging of single layer and laminates. We also produce Stand Up Pouch preforms for packaging of atomized products, mayonnaise, ready-made mixes, rice crackers, among others.

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