Certified by BV according to ISO 9001 since 1999, all Plaszom production processes are subject to continuous improvement so as to fully meet customer specifications in the flexible packaging industry. In order to implement a quality system within an organization, documented procedures have to be established according to ISO 9001 requirements. For such, and to ensure compliance with laws and standards, Plaszom has the technology required to ensure the quality of its packages.

Quality Control is performed by a team of supporters, technical assistants and operators. All team members are trained and cover all processes inspecting and recording results. Combined with this control, the company applies the GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices - a set of standards and rules that define procedures to be dopted so that we may reach “Total Quality”. These practices are performed from raw material receipt up to product shipping, including the administrative area. This ensures proper hygiene and sanitation conditions as well as product quality. In addition, the new gearless printers are already in operation that provide higher quality to printed products and enhanced production speed (according to some equipment manufactures and input suppliers, Plaszom is one out of two companies in the Country that work with printing speed greater than 450 m/min).

É nosso compromisso aperfeiçoar continuadamente produtos, processos e sistemas no segmento de embalagens plásticas, de modo que atendam os requisitos e expectativas dos clientes e promovam a melhoria do desempenho da organização.

Ser uma organização de referência no desenvolvimento, produção e comercialização de embalagens plásticas por sua competência, tecnologia e atuação social responsável”.

“Ser reconhecida como uma empresa rentável que desenvolve, produz e fornece embalagens de excelente padrão de qualidade que satisfaçam plenamente as necessidades e expectativas dos clientes”.

“- Foco no Cliente
- Comprometimento
- Renovação Tecnológica
- Parceria com Fornecedores
- Segurança no Trabalho
- Trabalho em Equipe
- Melhoria Contínua
- Compromisso Social
- Respeito ao Meio Ambiente