In this unit, we produce films and flexible plastic packaging in PE (Polyethylene), BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene), and PET (Polyester). We offer flexographic printing on bags up to 8 colors (4 front and 4 back) and films up to 6 colors.


Microperforated Technical Films

Films and packaging with passive modified atmosphere for controlling the ripening of fruits, vegetables, and greens. Produced using microperforation technology that keeps the products fresh through optimized permeability, ensuring greater durability without compromising quality

Technical Films

Specifically designed for the Salt and Sugar segments. Can be flexographically printed with up to 6 colors.

Baler and Shrink Films

Polyethylene films used for automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines, offering excellent sealability and high strength.

Can be flexographically printed with up to 6 colors.


Plain or Printed Valve Bags

Used in the salt, mortar, resin packaging, and other applications.


Plain Bags

T-shirt style bags in boxes with a device for easy use, emphasizing reuse and environmental conservation.

Printed Bags

Bags for supermarkets, stores, and malls, with flexographic printing up to 8 colors (4 front and 4 back).

Plain Bags in Packs

Bags with thinner thicknesses, very resistant and with great quality. Indicated for the packaging of lighter and non-perforating products.

Biodegradable and Compostable Bags

We also offer a line of biodegradable and compostable bags, providing an alternative for the high-consumption product in supermarkets and general commerce. These bags are produced with special resins that decompose in a short period of time under ideal climatic conditions of humidity, heat, and oxygen, leaving no residue.


Garbage Bags

To better serve our customers, we have two lines of garbage bags.

"Só Lixo" is pigmented in black, produced with resins from our own production process and odorless.

"Papa Lixo" is pigmented in blue, produced with virgin resins and offers greater resistance.


Plain or Printed Bale Cover

Bags with bottom seal, with or without side gusset. Ideal for packing basic food baskets.


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