In this unit, we produce thermoformed rigid packaging made of multi-polymeric materials with barrier properties, or without barriers in PP (polypropylene). We offer pots with various shapes and applications.


Fully recyclable, high barrier pots with oxygen and water vapor barrier are packaging solutions that enable the production, transportation, and consumption of products with a short shelf life. Their multi-layer structure is designed to extend the shelf life of food without the need for chemical preservatives or stabilizers. This technology can be applied to the entire line of pots in this unit.


We produce plain and printed pots for the entire dairy line. We offer diverse sizes and models that meet the customer's application and production process requirements, whether it's for hot/frozen or refrigerated products such as butter, cream cheese, cheeses, yogurts, sour cream, and more. The pots can be produced with white or transparent pigments and come with colored overcaps. We provide a variety of colors for customer choice.

We produce pots for the ice cream line, specially designed for refrigeration. Available in sizes ranging from 115ml to 2 liters, these pots are produced in white or transparent pigments with colored lids.

Pots for the spice line, available in sizes ranging from 200g to 1kg, produced in white or transparent pigments with colored lids.

Pots for sweets or tablets such as cookies, candies, peanut bars, and more. Available in sizes ranging from 240g to 1kg, these pots are transparent with colored lids.

Pots for juices, teas, energy drinks, coconut water, and more. Available in sizes of 200ml and 300ml, produced in white or transparent pigments, with options of round or flat bottoms.

Water line pots, available in sizes of 145ml, 200ml, and 300ml, transparent. *For the 300ml model, we offer options of round or flat bottoms.

Keeping up with market changes and increasing demands, Plaszom also develops pots for various applications such as cleaning products (paste soap, shine paste), cosmetics (hair treatment creams), bakery products, and measuring containers. Upon request, we can offer alternatives to further enhance the image of your product and sometimes reduce packaging costs. The pots and lids can be printed, with options of colored, white, or transparent pigments.


We produce pots for various sectors with the application of PET or PVC shrink labels (Sleeve), which provide characteristics such as gloss, realistic effects, and detailed artwork approved by the customer.


We produce pots of various sizes with label application. The applied label can be of different shapes and materials: paper, plastic, laminates, rectangular, square, round, or oval formats.

*Pots sizes for label application are available upon request.


We produce specific transparent injected pots for filling cream cheese with a capacity of 200g. They can be printed or have adhesive labels applied.

They also come with exclusive-shaped colored lids for this segment.

We also produce plain pots and lids (without printing or sleeve and labeling application), available in white or transparent pigments. Suitable for general applications, with specifications for hot or cold filling.

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